1 To learn something about yourself.
Maybe you’re like a pied-piper in disguise! Kids may ADORE you, but maybe you’ll only find that out after you spend an afternoon every week mentoring a youngster.

2 Because you’re passionate about a cause.
You always loved animals, so naturally you want to work at an animal hospital. Volunteer and be involved in something you really care about!

3 Learn some new skills…and add them to your resume!
You can learn a ton from volunteering, and what a great way to add stuff to your resume for future jobs or college applications.

4 Make someone else’s day.
Your extra little effort to help someone or some organization out can make a world of a difference to them.

5 Feel good about yourself!
Know that, after volunteering, you did something great. Really great. Be proud of yourself. Heck, treat yourself to some ice cream.


Our Purpose
Project REACH targets youth ages 10-18 through a network of community resources in the Gregg, Smith, and Harrison counties. It is through these community resources that Project REACH implements evidence-based strategies that help build a solid foundation for the overall health and well-being of adolescents.